This is Madeleine, the embodiment of dream. One you didn’t quite understand but thoroughly enjoyed. One you long for when it’s over. A million women in one. She is mystery and enigma, an ever-adapting untamed animal. She’s hard to pin down, but loves it when you try. If she drives you wild and runs you ragged, chase harder. The prize is worthwhile and waiting to be won for those that do. 
She can be just as comfortable sitting in bed, wearing nothing but a smile, giving you a massage and discussing this morning’s news as she is gliding into in a black tie event. She wears her skinny jeans, low heels and holds a crowd with her charm whilst in low-key liasions like the requisite discreet professional you deserve. 
She can destroy and delight you with a round of Hold ‘Em at a casino and hypnotize you completely with her intimacy and kindness. She can bend your mind and will to be completely hers with the sting of her tongue and whips. She can restrain you and tease you gently for hours at her own amused pace until you offer up your very soul in exchange for her touch. Conversely, she submits with grace, ease and authenticity. A good girl that likes to please and obey you. Lavishing in the attention you honour her with. An eager mind and body that though not meek, is compelling in her choice to kneel. 
You may think it is impossible to find everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman, but that’s simply because you haven’t met Madeleine.


Height: 5″7

Weight: 160 lbs

Measurements:  34E/30/38. I pour my perfect curves into a UK12.

Feet: (an always perfectly pedicured) size 7.

Hair: Naturally a very short black pixie cut a la Audrey Hepburn. In my photos I am wearing a long and very natural looking dark brunette wig. Please let me know which aesthetic you prefer to meet me in.

Attire: Unless requested otherwise, you will usually find me in sensual lingerie, a robe and heels. For outcalls and public dates I dress chicly and discreetly and appropriately to the occasion.

Voice: Sweet as honey; like butter wouldn’t melt.

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