The small secret joys of illicit sex

Madeleine Moore Kinky Switch Escort London



People are often sceptical when professional companions say we love our jobs. Of course, like any entrepreneurial endeavour- there are days that are harder than others. But I have found myself revelling in small routines that remind me how lucky I feel doing this work and how incredibly affecting it can be on my senses.

My first step is choosing my lingerie. Wrapping myself in a costume that helps me set a tone from the very start. I am thinking about you, and what you might like to see me in. The texture of lace and silk and smell of leather, have been my turn ons for as long as I can remember, but now they have an added element, they remind me of what I am about to do.

If I am meeting in public or trying to walk invisibly in to a hotel, I typically wear a smart but understated dress. I take enormous joy in the feel of my stockings and the salacious contents of my bag as I walk unnoticed amongst the public. Occasionally making eye contact and smiling at a gentleman,  letting him know he has guessed correctly at my purpose, as I disappear inside the lifts.

The sound of my heels echoing against the walls of the grand hallways of a hotel will have me chewing my lip. This sound, my favourite ritual of all, means I am almost there. The first glance and the (hopefully) instant chemistry between us is mere seconds away now.

Finally, the knock on your door. The  feel of solid wood against a gentle rap of my knuckles, the sound of your deep nervous breaths from the other side, echoing my own….

Yes, escorting is a gift to all of my senses. A gift I like to share.

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